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Welcome to the Washington State Parks Sno-Park Permit Purchasing Site. To make a purchase, you will need a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card for payment and an e-mail account.

At the end of your purchase, you will be able to print a temporary Sno-Park Permit for immediate use. Also, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes a link to your temporary Sno-Park Permit, which you may print at that time.

Your permanent Sno-Park Permit will be mailed to the address you provide within 20 days of today's purchase. If you do not receive your Sno-Park Permit within 20 days, please call 360-902-8684 or email

To continue, please select the type of permit you would like to purchase or select "Cancel" to return to the Winter Recreation Home Page.

Price List

Daily Sno-Park Permit
Daily Sno-Park Permit
$25 Per Day
(does not require a special groomed sticker) Valid for 1, 2, or 3 consecutive days. The daily permit allows parking at any of the Washington State Sno-Parks on the dates identified on the permit.

Seasonal Sno-Park Non-Motorized Users
Seasonal Non Motorized Sno-Park Permit (valid at all sno-parks)
(cross country skiers, snow play, snow shoeing, dog mushing, fat-tire bicycles, etc.)
Valid for the entire Winter Recreation Season. This Permit is valid for parking at non-motorized Sno-Parks used for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and other non-motorized winter recreation activities. This permit also may be used to park at a Snowmobile Sno-Park. Some Sno-Parks require a Special Groomed Sticker to be paired with the Seasonal Permit. See "Seasonal Special Groomed Sticker" below to learn where.

Seasonal Special Groomed Sticker
Valid for the Entire Winter Recreation season. This is to be paired with a Seasonal Sno-Park Permit (Non-Motorized or Motorized) and is invalid without. This permit is required for Non-Motorized users at Sno-Parks with high use, and/or special groomed trails (Cabin Creek, Crystal Springs, Hyak, Lake Easton, Chiwawa, Lake Wenatchee, Nason Ridge, and Mt. Spokane).

Seasonal Non Motorized Permit/Special Groomed Sticker Combo
With this purchase, you get both a "Seasonal Non Motorized Sno-Park Permit" and a "Seasonal Special Groomed Sticker". Required at 8 locations: Cabin Creek, Crystal Springs, Hyak, Lake Easton, Chiwawa, Lake Wenatchee, Nason Ridge, and Mt. Spokane.

Seasonal Snowmobile Sno-Park Permit
Seasonal Snowmobile Sno-Park Permit (valid at all sno-parks)
(snowmobiles, snow bikes, fat-tire bicycles, tracked all terrain vehicles)
Valid for the entire winter recreation season. This permit is valid for parking at snowmobile Sno-Parks. It also may be used for parking at non-motorized Sno-Parks when enjoying non-motorized winter recreation activities (though any seasonal Sno-Park permit also requires a special groomed sticker at areas that require the special groomed sticker). If you are a WA resident, you can get a seasonal snowmobile permit at no cost when registering your snowmobile. You do not need to purchase a permit here.

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Important Note:
04/30/2024 is the end of the winter recreation season. However, due to weather conditions and other considerations, sno-parks may close early. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase decision, and check the website for updates, as State Parks maintains a strict No Refunds Policy.

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